Sunday, March 28, 2010

Carolus Magnus: AKA Charlemagne

So some dude from the 8th century is the topic of the paper that Tanya has given to me. I think she was a bit dismayed at the lack of attention given to such a person. Most people have heard of Charlemagne, and yet the one class that we had on him, revealed so little that it frustrated Tanya and myself. So, as a result, I will be writing a paper of minimum 1500 words and to exceed no more than 6 pages. Anyone who knows me, knows that I can spit out papers fairly quick. I think the spin on this is that I'm not doing this to sort of "fake" my way through a paper for a professor who has to read anywhere from 35-140 of these things. Instead, I am doing this to help better educate not only Tanya, but myself. So I intend to make these more educationally oriented papers rather than trying to answer any particular question. For this paper, I am going to basically give an exposition of Charlemagne and give an account of his contribution to the Latin Church.

Should be fun :)

I will probably post the paper in parts, when I am finished. The due date is Easter Monday-ish or April 5th-ish. Feel free to comment as you see fit.

Things to do when classes are almost over and you need things to do in between doing projects to get the house ready to move.

So I got to the point where I was having too much "down" time and I wanted to be a bit more productive. My brain has been in a bit of an intellectual stupor for the last couple months as I tried to survive the amazing lack of content that was not being taught for Tanya's Greek language class that I audited in the hopes of refreshing the more remote parts of my understanding of the Greek language. Combined with an absolutely inept History teacher who did a 40 question multiple choice Scan-tron mid-term and asked for our only paper of the semester to write an accurately historical piece of fiction (Yes, you heard that right) instead of learning how to write an academic paper setting back the minds of all the people in that course by about 2-3 years. As if we don't have enough academically challenged youth attending universities, nowadays. But, I digress. So amidst my attempts at Hari-Kari, I finally somehow managed, with the grace of God and the season of Lent, to finally muster the strength to feel intellectually stimulate, albeit only in a small capacity. But nonetheless still feeling intellectually capable again. No need to look at small favours poorly. They are, after all, still favours no matter the size. And so in the spirit of gratitude to God for having helped me out, I talked it over with my wife and she has decided to graciously challenge me to write academic papers on various subjects. I think that this will happen on a bi-weekly basis and will be limited to my personal library although if time permits I may end up seeking out more professional help in the University library of wherever I am enrolled. So, without further ado, my next post will proclaim the first topic that my wife chose for me to write about.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


So as the title says, I am relaunching this blog. I moved the information off of this blog to another blog that will suit it better. ( I have a clean slate to work with in the hopes of discussing various topics to include: Early Medieval History and Intellectual Inquiry, Roman Catholic Theology and Philosophy, various Catholic discussion topics, as well as anything else that might suit my fancy from time to time. I'm making this blog to help keep my mind refreshed with many topics that I enjoy instead of simply confining myself to one facet of how my mind goes.